Thursday, March 29, 2012

Gumballs and stuff

I've got several bits of things that I want to share with you all, and I've been trying to find time to get them all in their own's not happening. So, I will be giving you a bit of a "gumballs in a machine" post. A little variety to spice up your Thursday night.

  • Aggressive Much?
Little Monkey has always had a bit of a temper. But, it's usually housed itself in the form of opinions and squawks when he doesn't get what he wants at the correct speed. However, lately, he's started hitting. He does it for various reasons---when he's mad, tired, just because. There seems to be no rhyme or reason. Usually it's TH or myself that are the recipients of it...and it's usually when he's on our laps or being held. He doesn't seek us out just to hit, but rather does it as a reaction to something.

We've tried saying "no" "no hits" etc in our firm teacher voices. We've tried putting him down immediately after saying it. We've also tried ignoring it. However, the result of most of these is him smiling and laughing at us. I've got no idea on how to work this out....I lack the proper time for research. At least he's not really doing it at daycare. (knock on wood!).

Oh...and he's also started biting. Not out of anger, just crawling up and biting various body parts. But, he's also doing it to furniture, his fingers, toys etc so I assume it's related to teething. Though, our efforts to share with him that this isn't ok aren't any more successful than the hitting.

Is he just too young to get it? Or has he already decided he doesn't respect us and will be "that kid" in society?

  • Climbing
LM has taken to climbing. Now--our house is pretty much as baby-proofed as we can make it (with the exception of a couple corner guards and drawer latches in rooms he doesn't go in). However, it appears that the little man loves to climb. He's been trying to climb his baby gates--finding minute success with the cheap one we've been throwing up in the back sliding door to let in fresh air in this AWESOME March weather. I hadn't really worried much about it since he isn't tall enough to climb up on the furniture and the stairs are gated at top and bottom.
But then...because he loves to mess with me....he started doing this...

yeah....he uses the cooktop as a drum.

  • Dreams
The pregnancy dreams are out of control.....why didn't someone remind me about these??? I had forgotten what it's like to dream constantly ALL NIGHT LONG. It's exhausting. But--worse than that, I'm starting to wake up mid-dream and not realize it. I've woken TH up twice this week talking about things in my dream....including telling him to turn on the light because LM's hands were sticky and I needed to clean them off. I also whacked him good during one dream because I was dreaming he was falling off a cliff and I was "saving him". Yeah....he didn't appreciate my efforts :-) I've also been dreaming about work a lot---my favorite was parents calling to yell at me about RIDICULOUS things (although...that does happen in real life). My tired. Luckily, LM is sleeping better at night, most nights not waking up (once he goes to sleep!).  I can't remember if this gets better or did I just get used to the dreams?
  • Coming out
We've come out about the pregnancy to our parents (ok..not my dad yet but I've got this master plan about a Big Brother shirt but LM WILL NOT smile/look at the camera/not move suddenly while wearing the shirt). But--after spring break next week, it's time to come out at work. I'll be 12 weeks this weekend and I'm ready (though I'll probably make sure I can hear the HB on the doppler). I'm not as excited about sharing the news at work this time....I'm not sure that my maternity leave has faded from their minds (there was some drama because my team is a bit dysfunctional without me mean it. They just had a convo in front of me this week about I can't have another baby because there's too much drama when I'm not around to keep people in line....awkward.)

So....we'll see how it goes. Part of my lack of excitement probably stems from the emotional disconnect that I'm still feeling with PS. I'm hoping this gets better...I feel a bit in a funk about it. Pre-Post Partum Depression anyone? Maybe I'm just burnt out about work and need a break to just relax.

So, those are my updates. I swear I'm going to work on posting more. I just can't seem to find the time/energy after LM goes to bed. I read everything on my's just a POS and going from Google Reader to the browser to comment screws up too much. I wish I could do it directly. Someday. Someday.