Wednesday, May 8, 2013

She did it!

I know it's been forever but since this seems to be my way of keeping track of my babies' milestones, I squeezed in time for a quick post.

She did it---she sttn for the first time!! We had some long random stretches when she was little and her sleep had no pattern but all night ladies and gents. All Night! I think it was the combination of starting to add two meals of baby food at daycare, some for dinner (along with all of her regular daily bottles) and an extra ounce in the bedtime bottle.  BAM.

If only it was the weekend and I could sleep until she wakes up and see how long she would actually go!

Other things to note:
  • PS can "almost" sit up on her own...she'll stay up if you get her there for a bit, but tips easily. But, it's changed a lot in the last week or so, so I think we're close.
  • No teeth yet.
  • She's a talker...cooing, vocalizing, screaming etc. 
  • She adores her brother--grabbing at him whenever he's near. Trying to play with him. I can tell they'll have a lot of fun once she can chase after him.
  • In one week, we managed to sell our house and buy another--they both close a month from yesterday. Yikes.
  • 20 days left of school!!!


  1. That's awesome! How old is she now? And you're super brave with the move. I can't imagine doing that with two little kids. Good luck!

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