Our Story

I've been around this crazy world for 29 years now but life really didn't begin until little M was born March 2011. After being married for two years, the hubby & I decided that it was time to expand our little family to include more than our furbaby and us! With lots of effort and time (and some help from Clomid)--our little monkey was on his way.  Join me as I fumble through first time motherhood--complete with the highs, lows and everything in between!

And....because why not add to the load of first time motherhood...why not have another baby? Totally unexpectedly, while testing out some cycle irregularities before getting back on bcp. We're happily (and still flabbergasted-ly) expect our new arrival in Oct 2012. The fun just keeps on coming!

Below are some important abbreviations to know!
LM--little monkey, our first born
TH--the hubs
PS--pumpkin seed, our "soon to be" family post-script, due in October.
FTM--first time mom
FB--furbaby (our dog)


  1. Welcome to the wonderful world of first-time motherhood! I'm sure you're doing great (and thankfully children are very forgiving.) Thanks for visiting my blog through ICLW.

  2. Oh my... so it does happen the second time around without clomid! Now there is hope for me... Congrats - and thank you for commenting on my blog!


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