Friday, December 14, 2012

Just babies

I teach kindergarten. Don't know if I ever mentioned that.

Parents bring me their babies every August--many their first in school. They trust me to educate them. They worry about school supplies and them riding the bus with the big kids. They do not worry about me keeping them safe.

They're just babies. Why would they worry about that?

I used to tell parents anyway that anyone wanting to hurt or take their child would have to come through me. And meant it. But now that I have my babies, I don't know that I could say it anymore. That I could leave my babies like that. However, each student in my classroom is someone's baby. Could I let them die because of some deranged person?

No. I don't think so. They aren't big enough to defend me or fight someone off. I am their protector. I would expect others to do it for my babies.

To take a child's life because of a dispute you have with an adult is unacceptable. Any child. No matter your beef.

They were just babies.


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