Wednesday, May 4, 2011


LM has been having a rough couple of nights. We've def not been STTN...but he'd been doing mostly 3-4 hour stretches. One week he even did four hour stretches all night every night.  BUT--the last couple of nights he's been acting sleepy early so I've been trying to put him down earlier (I go to sleep when he does because he's in our room...oh, and I'm exhausted).  But--he wakes up immediately from a dead sleep and is upset and fussy. Then, he fusses and cranks until 1030-11.  He's been up every couple of hours for the last few nights.  After eating, it's taking him a long time to go back to sleep. Then, he's been snorting, snuffling and spitting up a lot in his sleep.
Result=I've been awake A LOT.  He used to make these noises a lot, every night. But, since he's been in his PNP newborn napper, it's been much better. Just a few noises/spitting up until he goes back to sleep. He seems to have lost the ability to sleep deeply. I've tried swaddled/unswaddled etc etc...and he's just not sleeping well.

I'm so exhausted...I haven't slept more than five hours since I don't know when (near the end of pregnancy I was up peeing every 2 hours). I end up sleeping in later and later with him to try to make up for it---but it's not helping (I still don't sleep well) and I think it's making it hard for him to go to bed earlier. But, I just can't get up earlier...I'm so exhausted. It's not making me a fun mommy or wife. I'm struggling to figure out how to help him sleep more....
Does anyone out there have the magic secret? I'm desperate.


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