Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Two Month Check-up.....complete.

While I know this is going to be the most scintillating blog post you've ever read (not!)...I do need to preserve some things for posterity....since I'm not sure I'll ever find time to get the baby book back out to fill this stuff in.

We survived the first round of shots....thank goodness we have two more months before have to do that again...ick. I hated watching LM get the shots--the poor little guy screamed his "ouch" cry and little tears poured down his face. I, of course, shed some tears of my own.
Other than that--he's good to go healthwise!!

Weight--13lb 7.5 oz
Height--23 7/8 in.

I <3 my chunky LM!


  1. Yay for surviving shots! We have those coming up in June - I am NOT looking forward to it. Cole's tear ducts are starting to work, so I just KNOW there's going to be little tears running down his chubby cheeks.

  2. Its so hard holding them still and watching them cry. Well doen for getting through it intact!

  3. It really was hard to watch him cry...hurt my heart. He's fussy and is having trouble getting comfy now...we're doing lots of cuddling.


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