Friday, June 10, 2011

The Mom "Type"

There are a lot of different types of Moms out there--stay at home moms, working moms, soccer moms, beauty pageant moms, drill sergeant moms, checked out moms and many many more.  I'm not sure what kind of mom I am yet.

As I as sitting at my niece's birthday party today, I was watching all of the other Moms interact.  I didn't really know any of them more than just the few times I've seen that at functions my sister has thrown. But, as I watched them interact, I realized that they were a different type of mom than me. Let's just say that they may border on the high-maintenance, high-pitched, moms unite kind of moms.  Now, this is just my description of them---sorry if it offends! I watched them and wondered whether they all started out this way or it became more of a group evolution.  If your kids attend preschool together, play sports together, do playdates together, you're really spending a lot of time together---especially if you all stay at home "together".  Do like-minded moms find each other? Or do moms adapt to fit their surroundings and available support system? If so--how did they change? Who were they "before"? My sister has a master's degree and is one of the smartest people I know but I heard her have a ten minute conversation about her hot dog selection today and I just wondered if her "old side" ever came out around these moms.

I don't have a lot of friends that have had babies...most are unmarried or married without children...or have much older kids.  There are a couple of friends who have babies but we've always been the kind of friends that socialize infrequently and (while we have a good time!) always say we'll get together again soon and never do. Is trying to spend time together with these moms an attempt on my part to mold to a group just so that I can have some "mom friends"? Or is it just logical to have friends that have kids the same age...regardless of the friends you were before?

At what point do you figure out what kind of mom you are....and how do the moms around you influence that?

Maybe I should've just had a cupcake and not thought so hard at the party :-)


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