Friday, July 8, 2011

TH: The Parenting Expert

A while back I talked about our attempt at un-swaddling....our failure rather. I had big plans on how we'd try again. We'd start out by leaving his arms out at night for a few nights, then do the same for naps.  Then, we'd totally un-swaddle at night for a few rough nights, then add in naps too. 

FYI--I chose night first over naps because if he gets good naps, then he naturally sleeps better at night. So I figured it would be best to start at nights....though, what do I know? I just make this stuff up as I go along :-)

Anyway--I went out to a Wine & Canvas night with my BFF last night and TH had bedtime duty. Normally, this is my realm because LM tends to fall asleep during/immediately after his last nursing session, so I put him to bed.  This was his first time to handle it. I left him bottles and had the swaddle sack all laid out for him.  While I was out, I get a picture on my phone of LM rocking some new super cute sleeper pj's that we bought him. I remarked on how cute he looked and because I was engrossed in my painting (oh...and I had some wine!) I didn't pay attention to what time it was.

Well...long story kinda short.....TH decided that he was just going to put LM to bed unswaddled last night. Because...and I quote...."I wanted him to wear the new pj's".  (Normally he just wears a little onesie under his sleep sack because it gets hot). So, my new parenting expert husband clearly used all of the research and knowledge he has to make this decision (Can you hear the sarcasm?).

It didn't go horribly. Ok, yes it did. He was up to eat 2 or 3 times (I'm so tired I honestly don't remember how many that bad?) and once or twice for just some patting/paci/soothing.  By the end, the last time I patted him, he did flop out right back to sleep so I guess he liked it. But...I feel so groggy today.  The one time that TH went into soothe him turned out to be the time that he really needed/wanted to eat. 

So, like all best laid plans, we're on a different course now. I'm willing to give it a few nights to see how it works. He is a few weeks older and has discovered the love of sucking on his fingers and playing with his feet since last time, so maybe it'll work. But...damn...I had gotten used to getting up once for a feed at night. 

Besides...I wouldn't want TH to not get to put all the cute sleepers on LM and ruin the parenting study he's doing :-)

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  1. i wouldn't even worry about not swaddling him yet, we swaddled louise until she was like 6 or 7 months old, we slowly stopped and it went fine, i guess she just didn't need it anymore. i was totally scared to stop doing it too though. we even swaddled her when she went in her swing.


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