Saturday, November 26, 2011

Overheard (not, actually--Thank goodness)

As TH and I were decorating for Christmas today (while LM was F.I.N.A.L.L.Y. napping) we had the following conversation:

Me: We have to change this station (we were playing the Sirius Holly station on our tv)....I just cannot listen to Justin Bieber sing Christmas music. It's just not right.

TH: pause....pause...pause....pause....meaningful look....pause.

Me: WHAT?!

TH: Maybe you're being too hard on him....after all, this might be his baby's first Christmas and not many baby's have their Dad singing Christmas music to them on tv.

Me: pause. 

TH: It's true. Maybe he's really excited about baby's first Christmas. You are.

Me: Is it even his baby?

TH: Surely they have the paternity results back by now...he took it this week. It doesn't even take that long on Maury.

Me: Well, then maybe it is his baby. You would think they would have announced it right away if he was "right" and it wasn't his.

TH: Yeah. Or maybe he really will take Maury up on his offer to read the results on his show. Or maybe they're doing a Lebron-type special.

Me: That's true. I'm sure we'll find out this week.

Me: Why are we talking about this??? Thank goodness LM is napping and not hearing this.

TH: You're the one who brought up the Biebster.

And this folks is why I need to find my Bing Crosby Christmas CD ASAP :-)


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