Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Countin' it down

As the year winds down, I thought share with you my Top 10 things I've learned about being a mom this year.

10. Now that LM moves, I take back everything I said about the video monitor. I want one :-)

9. They really mean it when they say that all your careful research/preparation on how you'll raise your baby will disappear like a pair of new Jordan's at a mall before Christmas. Once you meet him, you learn to survive in a way that works.

8. I had the urge to stay at home with LM instead of returning to work much stronger than I ever expected. That said, I'm happy with the choice I made of going back to work.

7. People judge--they judge whether you breastfeed or don't breastfeed or where/when/how you stop---they don't stop just because they realize it hurts your feelings. Everyone is an expert in raising your baby---just remember that you (and perhaps your partner) are really the only experts.

6. Seek out moms. I'm not the the personality that fits in with most of my SIL's mom's groups. I should do a better job at seeking out groups that match my personality/priorities etc better. But--heck who has time. What I have found though--is that my due date group is the best group of moms I know. They give me advice, calm me down, listen to me vent and coo over the latest picture of LM. They also give me a chance to help them--with my opinions, my experiences and sometimes, even some teacher advice. They rock my world and I LOVED getting Christmas cards from them.

5. TH is better at matching baby outfits than I am. All of the compliments we get on his stylish outfits are either "put together" or bought by The Hubs. Is it any wonder I let him buy me clothes? :-)

4. Balancing motherhood/work/wifedom is SO much harder than I thought. I feel like I'm being a great mom, a good teacher (sometimes just ok) and an average wife. In the new year, I will be a better one!

3. Time flies. Thank god we took so many pictures and have been vigilant about keeping a camera nearby.

2. Sleep. Holy crap. It's amazing how one can obsess over one thing so much. One day I hope to not worry so much about his sleep, sleep habits, positions, things affecting his sleep etc etc.

1. I love being a mom. I knew I wanted to be one. I knew I would be a good one (over-achiever much?). BUT--I didn't realize how much I would love being one. You cannot prepare yourself adequately for creating something so special and then being expected for the journey of keeping it healthy, thriving and off the news :-) LM rocks my world.


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