Friday, April 6, 2012


We're finally getting LM's 1 year photos taken today....only a month and a day late :-) We were holding out a few weeks in hopes that he could stand independently for the photos....but alas, nope. So, now I'm just holding out for a cute smile. We're going to P.ortrait Inn.ovations instead of a more formal studio (like we did for newborn photos) since we decided we really only want one pose printed and they have the super good deal of a ton of prints for 9.95. Our original plan was to go back to JCP because I ADORED the newborn photos but with PS on the way, we realized that we couldn't fill the house with multiple one year portraits (plus all his newborn) with both children. So we decided that we'd still do a lot of newborn because they look so different then (and are cute and nakey!) and display a big ole one year framed print. Though, between you and me (and the internet), I'm hoping we find two poses and TH agrees to add a pose (for an exorbitant amount, I'm sure).

It's going to be a tight squeeze between morning nap (he may have to get up early), lunch and making it there but the time is early enough that I hopefully don't have to worry about pm nap meltdowns. If all goes well--I'll post a picture for you to see.

Hopefully, they're not like my niece's where she cried in ALL of them....but that's what she does when you take her photo, so they bought some anyway---for posterity's sake...and to humiliate her to future dates I'm sure :-)

BTW---if you know who stole my spring break, send them my way....I'd like some of the time back.

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