Monday, December 31, 2012

Ahead of the curve

While I spend a long time finding time to compose the last post (and actually publishing), positive things have been going on around here!

Saturday, PS rolled over belly to back!!!! She adores being on her side--often using her legs to squish herself up into a fetal position from her back while sleeping--so I have been trying to get her as much tummy time as possible because I want her to have strong (un-crooked!) neck muscles in case she gets over onto her stomach before she really can control it and end up on her face.  And--using her awesome head control to lean herself over, she rolled right over onto her back!! I, of course, flipped her back after celebrating and had her do it again :-)

I immediately wanted to find out when LM did it--so I went to check his baby book.  Turns out, that while I have lots of other things in there....this is where I eventually found the answer--in his virtual baby book of sorts! He rolled belly to back at 14weeks and she did it at 11 weeks.

So--PS is ahead of the curve in the gross motor least in our household :-)


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