Monday, March 4, 2013


Please keep an eye out everyone....someone took my little baby and replaced him with a two year old. GASP!

I have no idea how this happened. I was rereading posts from last year at this time (you know, back when I had time to post) and reading all about his milestones and "firsts". I can't believe how much he has blows my mind.

Our lives have changed drastically this last year and it's been full of challenges. But, I wouldn't change it for the world.

LM is upstairs sleeping right now, curled up in the corner of his crib with his animals strewn about him. We've come so far from this time last year when he was still waking at least once a night--asking for his paci--and wouldn't go to sleep unless I held his hand while he drifted off. Tonight, we read some books, snuggled and after a couple rounds of rock-a-bye baby and moon, moon, moon, he looked at me and said "baba tired" and leaned for his crib.  After 20 min or so of talking to himself, he was out. He'll stay that way until we wake the poor thing up at 615 tomorrow morning. He still loves his paci (at night and naps only) and we're not even close to taking it away....he makes the saddest lip quiver when we talk about it. But, it is what it is.

I wish there was a way to describe how much he talks....and how complexly he does. He amazes me daily---the grammar choices he makes, the words he uses and the connections he makes. He knows 100's of words---many of those animals. He loves to sing and say nursery rhymes. He loves loves loves the PBS show Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood---asking for it daily and ugga-mugga'ing the tv screen.

He loves his sister. His new thing is trying to pick her up off the floor...asking "hold it, hold it! Max want to hold the baby".  He's much more gentle with her these days...though he did try to scratch her yesterday!

He still loves to read books and is growing very fond of his legos.  He is becoming better at pretend play--cooking for us in his pretend kitchen (somehow I always get a carrot on a red plate), bringing us tea and refilling it from his faucet when it's empty.  He serves us Melissa and Doug cookies and sandwiches and warns us "Be careful. Hot hot" when bringing "fresh" cookies.  He loves his animals--both farm and zoo.  His elephant collection often joins his while watching Daniel Tiger--sitting in various spots of the room. Just the other day, he told me he couldn't sit in his red chair because "Ella watchin Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood". 

It still seems like I should be pregnant with him and awaiting his arrival.  There's no way he's about to be two.  I'm excited for tomorrow but also sick to my stomach at this change/milestone.  My darling baby isn't a baby anymore. He's not even the "baby" of the household. It's one of those nights where I want to steal him away from his bed and bring him to ours, so I can hold him all night. But, I won't. Though, I will watch him on the monitor while I'm up feeding PS tonight.

And I'll marvel---at who he is today, who he was yesterday, what it took to get him and what he'll become tomorrow. And then, I'll probably cry a bit---because someone took my baby.


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