Thursday, April 28, 2011

Don't count my eggs before this one sleeps through the night!

When you get married, people start asking you when you're going to have kids. Relatives, colleagues, total strangers....everyone needs to know.

When you get pregnant, everyone asks if you're going to find out the gender, whether you're going to have an epidural and (for reasons that still elude me!) whether it was a planned pregnancy.

Once you have the little one, the next topic of interrogation is whether you'll have more and how soon you'll have them. This lovely topic gets raised left and right..well meaning family members, your spouse and your doctor at the fun six weeks postpartum appointment. It's potentially the most sensitive of all the questions, because it's asked when your most sensitive emotionally/physically and oh yeah, totally sleep deprived.

I'm not sure why everyone needs to know whether we'll have another baby and how soon we'll have it. As it took us over a year to conceive--and only with the help of rounds of Clomid--it's an extra confusing topic for me. Will we have trouble conceiving the next one? If so, do we prevent at all then? How long do we wait to "try"? Do we use the mini-pill or "pull n pray"? What if it's not hard at all this time--what if the next little one takes no time at all and we're "blessed" with two under two? These questions stress me out--especially as there is no right answer. TH and I go round and round about how to handle it. We've come up with no solution yet but we'll have to soon.

I'm just tired of everyone counting my eggs before this one sleeps through the night


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