Sunday, April 24, 2011

Fumbling Through

Life is full of mixed blessings...and perhaps this blog will become one of them. As an avid blog reader, I've often pondered creating one of my own. But--I've always been stopped by one major question---why would anyone want to read about my life??? However, enter LM and suddenly, life seems full of adventures, mishaps and tales that other people might actually be interested...because who doesn't love a good car wreck :-)

I've been described as little bit Type A so, of course, prior to LM's arrival I read all the books and researched--this baby thing was going to be a breeze!! Even though I'm an only child, babies can't be that hard--right?? Little did I know that the cliche of my world turning upside down would be so true.

Now that LM is here and TH and I are head over heels in love with our little guy, we're fumbling through this new world together. The books may not have all the answers (and neither do I) but I'm learning and trying new things...all in hopes that LM turns out to be a functioning member of society one day (and not on the news!!). I'm glad you're hear to read about our experiences and join us on this journey--we're living a babylicious life!


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