Tuesday, April 26, 2011

I *heart* my stroller!

I adore my stroller. It was probably the baby gear item I researched the most. I didn't want a bulky travel system but I wanted something that would accommodate an infant car seat. I liked how joggers looked, but don't jog so I really didn't need the big tires and fancy struts. I liked gadgets, so I was hoping that I would find one with some fun features. And....TH wasn't going to let me spend a lot of money on something that wasn't gender neutral. After lots of research, including the mom bible--B.aby B.argains, I settled on the B.aby Jogge.r C.ity M.ini in black. It met all of my requirements...especially the nifty one hand fold and GIANT sunshade! And, TH liked it too!

We haven't had a lot of opportunity to use it---just a handful of walks when the weather warms up (both with the carseat adapter and with LM in the reclined flat seat). It has exceeded all of my stroller requirements. More importantly though...it is magic!! Everytime we use it, LM falls asleep! This will make life a lot easier in these early walking days...I'll be able to get some exercise and fresh air and he'll be content until he's old enough to want to look around on our walks.

We went for a walk today at a local park---he snoozed and I got a major mood boost from the fresh air and exercise. I'm finding it important to be able to have a variety of activities that help keep my mood buoyed. The combination of PP hormones, lack of normal routine since I'm not working, and life adjustments make this even more important for new moms and is something I've learned in the last couple of weeks.

I *heart* my stroller.

*note--obviously, no one at Baby Jogger has ever heard of me (besides to take my money!) and this is not any kind of sponsored review*


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