Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Bulleted Updates!

There are a couple of things that I wanted to update everyone and since LM seems to be going through a growth spurt and is eating like a champ...bullets are the best I can do!

  • Dairy/Spit Up etc--I've significantly cut back on my dairy intake. It doesn't seem to make a huge difference. The biggest difference I noticed is when I have a lot of cheese. So, I may try to limit cheese....yummy yummy cheese.  But, admittedly, it was hard for me to tell how much it really helped. I may try again in a couple of weeks as he's still spitting up like crazy.  I'm also going to try cut back on caffeine....sad face.
  • Crib--We're still sleeping in the crib. Last night was fabulous--he slept from 10-5am.  But the nights before tend to range the normal 3-5 hour stretches.  But, he seems to be enjoying it. We're still using the newborn size Halo Swaddle Sack and I really think it's helping him to be able to wiggle/push his arms but not free them. I'm up in the air about whether to buy a normal size one since he's at least 4lbs too big for this one.
  • K'Tan---still deeply in love with my Baby K'tan.  It makes me happy and I get stuff done! 
  • Weight Loss--I've been using MyFitnessPal and trying to walk more.  I walked 2.7 miles this morning with LM in amazing hot weather for so early in the morning and my goal is to walk and do ab exercises (my targeted areas) every day.  We'll see...!  One fabulous thing that I've discovered about the app is that you can scan the barcode on things to upload it's exact nutritional info.  So cool!
  • LM still is learning to handle heat and humidity.  We got a little baby pool for him to hang out in (with us of course...and in the shade too). So we're hoping the more time he spends outside the better.
  • I'm also happy to say that almost three months into this fabulous adventure...my hormones seems to be just about normal.  Trust me, there are still plenty of moments where I tear up or feel a bit crazy, but it's all about "normal" things.  Phew!

I think that might be it for this SUPER exciting entry. I'm sure you're all sooo glad to be updated.


  1. Woombie. I recommend the Woombie sack. We have a Halo, but it's getting too warm for it and I came across a link for Woombie somewhere and checked it out. It is a one-piece sleep sack, zips up the middle, and has a snap over the top of the zipper so it doesn't scrape them. It allows full range of motion - but does NOT allow them to free their limbs or startle themselves. We had a rough time transitioning for the first week or so but he's doing FABULOUSLY now. Last three nights he's gone to bed earlier than usual and slept later - bed around 11, not waking until 6 or 7, then sleeping again for 4 more hours. :) They have them in all sizes, and even have ones for Houdini babies like mine.

    As for the app, sorry I haven't uploaded anything. I haven't DONE anything but sit and play video games...and I don't eat very often either.

  2. I'll have to check that out---it sounds like a good idea! I'm hoping that his startle reflex starts to die down--it'll help his napping too!

    As for the app--they have Wii games on the exercise list :-) It's more fun than I thought to look for the things I eat in a day! It's opened my eyes sodium-wise to a couple of things I thought weren't too bad for me.


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