Monday, May 16, 2011

Coffee, dairy and all lovely things

At LM's two month appointment, the pediatrician suggested that while LM's constant spit-up wasn't painful reflux---he's definitely a happy spitter...grinning after he does it most of the time---it still might be something that we could help control more. She said that quite often dairy, caffeine and chocolate can aggravate the spit-up reflex.  She suggested trying to cut back or go dairy free first for 3-5 her personal experience she said removing yogurt alone made a big difference with her little ones. 

Now I love all things dairy---cheese, milk, yogurt, chocolate, coffee creamer etc.  But--LM spits up a lot.  While it's mostly just an inconvenience---outfit changes, laundry, carpet cleaning, covering guests in burp clothes from head to toe--LM does do a lot of grunting before he spits up, especially at night, and it affects his sleep.

So...starting today...I'm going to try to go 95% dairy free. Why not 100% you ask? Well, for starters, apparently there is dairy protein hidden in a lot of foods and I don't have time to run around reading labels! But also, I'm not giving up my coffee creamer!! I just can't! This also allows for a little leeway if something I want to have for dinner has dairy in a pizza or mac n cheese. Plus---chocolate has dairy in it and sometimes a girl just needs chocolate.

It's going to be hard to do---especially because I might forget! But, I'm looking forward to seeing if it helps LM spit up less. If this helps him spit up less, feel better and sleep better....I'm going for it.

I'll keep you updated on what I observe!


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