Monday, May 9, 2011

The power of the blog...

I'm a realistic person (despite what my family and friends might say!) and I realize that the person who reads my blog the most is me.

Reading blogs has gotten me through a lot of tough times...adjusting to some personal life changes, trying to conceive, pregnancy and now motherhood. I've learned a lot--especially all of the IF blogs I read/still read. These blogs gave me the power of information--even though my journey did not include IUIs/IVF--the amazing ladies I've been reading have made me informed about the medical logistics AND (more importantly) the emotional struggles. Reading blogs and developing connections has made me a better person (and certainly a lot less naive of one!)

Many of the people I follow have talked about the cathartic release of writing a blog and this is what eventually encouraged me to start writing my own.  I know the pressures of first time motherhood will be overwhelming and there will be things I just cannot say to anyone else.  Being able to write these things down...and really get them out there...has been an amazing release.

And if this blog never develops a following and becomes more of a personal journal, that will be okay because I will have put my thoughts/fears/experiences out there in the universe.
But--if you are reading this--hello! welcome! Please stay!! I love you! :-)


  1. I completely agree. I read my blog the most. But I don't care if anyone reads it. It's more for me and one day Patrick to read together, so he has more than just pictures of his baby-hood.
    Also, I like your blog! It's awesome!

  2. Thank you!!
    I agree that it's really more of a great time capsule of what we're going through :-)
    And if someday someone stumbles upon it and it helps them at all..then that's great too!

  3. Initially I started my blog just to keep track of a few things. I had hoped to garner a big readership, to be popular. But alas, it was not to be. Over time I've realized that really, it doesn't matter. I'm writing for me, not for others. It's a place to put my thoughts, a diary, and it's faster to type than to write. :)

  4. Hi! and welcome to the blogosphere! I love finding new blogs that are parenting after Infertility and I'll look forward to following your journey!


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