Thursday, June 9, 2011

Roly poly

LM hates tummy time and will only tolerate it for a short time (especially if he can *gasp* see the TV when he lifts his head).  He'd been showing some leg pushing/back arching coordination lately, so we knew we were close to him being able to liberate himself...i.e. roll over. 

Tummy time usually follows the following routine.

LM gets put down on his tummy.
LM lays there like I've stunned in him into immobility.
LM lifts head and looks around.
If he can see the TV or his little bus, LM will continue this for about five minutes with a few ups and down.
LM gets mad.
LM tries to bury his face in the blanket---complete with snorting and snuffling.
LM starts pushing his butt in the air and pushes with his legs.
Repeat last two steps until giving up completely and laying there, head down, sucking on fist.

Until yesterday...yesterday, he pushed with his legs until he made it onto his side. After laying there for a few seconds (confused about how he got there I imagine), he leaned back until he ended up on his back. He looked pretty darn pleased with himself and got all smiley. Luckily, both TH and I were in the room so we both got to watch it.

Being a mean mommy, I immediately flipped him over and tried to get him to do it again....all I got was a mad monkey! But, I'm looking forward to some tummy time today to see if he can do it again. I may even try to get it on video :-)

LM is growing up so fast--I can hardly stand it!

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  1. louise didn't like tummy time either, so we didn't do it, her arm strength developed just fine without it!


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