Saturday, June 25, 2011

There's a little wheel a turning... my heart.

I come from a big family---which is impressive seeing how I'm basically an only child.  With marriages, divorces and more marriages, I have quite a few "sides" of the family. I've been exceedingly lucky that all of my step-families, half-families and everything in between are amazing (annoying, yes, but amazing!). I'd always been an actual part of the family---even though we don't share blood. This isn't to say that my "blood" family isn't just as wonderful. They shame me by how caring and giving they are---I've yet to become what they are. I still have a bit too much "me" in me---but I think that maturing and being a mother will help me with this journey.

All of this said (yes, I do have a point!), my heart is warmed by how everyone seems to love LM. Not just our parents (and step-parents), but LM's great-grandparents, great-aunts, second cousins etc all "hound" me for updates, new pictures and just to see him in general.  Being the first "baby" in the family, I didn't realize how much he would be loved once we added another generation. I should've known better--my family is wonderful. But--it still amazes me.

My cousin was over the moon that I brought him to her softball game--she took a picture with him to show all her friends. My aunts respond before LM's grandparents when I text pictures of him.

He's a lucky little monkey. I am lucky as well---and I need to do more to share that love and teach LM how loved he is.


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