Friday, June 24, 2011

Crackin' my *you know what* up

LM has an actual laugh now....a real big person kind of laugh.  Most of the time it's just little coos and baby giggles but given the right circumstances (and usually some tickling), he'll let loose this adorable, kind of guttural laugh. It actually appears to surprise him that the sound is coming out of him--his eyes get really big.

But, the laughs are few and far between. He hasn't discovered that laughing and funny things are related...or maybe he just doesn't find my jokes funny (hmm...I may have heard that before).  So, lately, I've been working on getting him to do it by laughing hysterically myself.  Usually, I just get smiles and giggles. But sometimes--he starts laughing and we laugh together.

Did you know it's actually really hard to laugh hysterically at absolutely nothing?? For a continued period of time?? Yeah. It's hard.  So I try to think of funny things that happened to me, or that I saw on tv. Sometimes I think about funny books or even something stupid I did.  It used to be really hard. But, the more I do it, the more easier it is. Thinking of things that make me happy enough to laugh isn't as hard anymore.

Realizing this made me stop and think about how much less stressed/worked up about life/work/baby rearin' I would be if I focused more on the things that make me happy and make me laugh.

Laughing with LM is so much more meaningful when it's sincere, from the heart and honest....just like his laughs always are.


  1. Grinning ear to ear at this post. I'm here from my second ICLW. Your little LM sounds like a real hoot. I shall look forward to reading more of your blog.

    Best wishes,


  2. I always start laughing when Cole laughs and giggles. Which, of course, makes him giggle more and smile. Kids are apparently an endless source of frustration and amusement. :)

  3. Baby giggles and laughs are just the most magical and addictive sound on this planet! I don't blame you for trying to get LM to do it more :)


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