Friday, July 29, 2011


Today is our last summer fun day. We still have next week off before being on contract time but we'll be spending most of it getting our rooms ready. Normally we'll pop in and work a bit during the summer but I haven't wanted to be away from LM anymore than I have to.

As we're organizing and getting things ready for him to start at daycare next week, it has occurred to me that I'm going to have to prepare myself mentally as well. Not only have I not been at work since mid-February but I've never spent more than a couple hours away from LM since he was born. That's a big change for both of us. Our little sweetheart has been spoiled by having me home for almost five months and TH home for all but six weeks when he had to go back to work after his paternity leave. We pretty much are our own little special cocoon of family.

I'll have next week to adjust to dropping him off and working out the kinks (additional supplies, nap difficulties, bottles etc). But, when I think about the first real day of school that I have to drop him off...I pretty much have a bit of a panic attack. We have to walk out the door on time, get through drop off ok and make it to work on-time/early enough to handle the numerous first day of school fires (like the time I showed up and was given five extra students to prepare for).

There's going to be a lot of irony that day. After I gather all of my kindergartners from the buses and car rider area, they all have to say goodbye to the parents who have brought them. I'm a mean teacher and I don't allow parents to follow us into the classroom. The kids stay upset, the parents stay upset and are generally in the way. So--for us to get off to a smooth start and get our day going, my rule is that everyone says goodbye in the hall. It's not a popular edict with some of the parents. But--it is what it is. AND it works.

But this year, about an hour before all of this happens...I'm going to be the one not wanting to leave my baby on this big day. I'll be the one fighting back tears. And DL will be the one making me say goodbye before I'm ready.

I totally get the irony...I do. I wonder if that'll change anything :-)

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  1. I tried to comment on your PSA post, as it appeared in my reader, but it's not showing on your blog! :( At any rate, that's something I've worried about with Cole - he can roll from back to front but not the other way yet. We've been putting him in the crib on his back, but he'll shortly roll onto his stomach and sleep with his head to the side. I've worried, though, that he'll roll face down and for some reason not move. I am VERY glad to hear that little Jacob is doing fine, and that mommy is learning to deal with her guilt.

    As for seeing LM off to school...I'm anxious with you! I start dropping Cole off at the babysitter's on August 22nd, and am not looking forward to it much.


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