Monday, July 25, 2011

An urgent request (updated!)

One of the little babies in my birth month group stopped breathing today. Thank god for his Snuza monitor going off(no breathing, no pulse) and even more than that---his amazing mom performed CPR on him. They're at the hospital trying to figure out why.

I know now everyone prays but if you do, please include little Jacob in your prayers.
If you don't, please send a positive thought out into the universe for him.

Not, I'm going to go kiss my LM (and possibly start sleeping on his floor). Give your LO's an extra hug tonight.

**Little Jacob is home and doing well. For privacy reasons, I'll leave out the personal medical details. But--the most important thing is that he's home--happy and safe--with his parents. Thanks for everything you did!**


  1. How scary! I'll be keeping them in my thoughts.

  2. What is this Snuza monitor and where can I get one?! We just starting putting The Boy in his crib at the other end of the house and this post highlights my greatest fear. Thoughts going out to little Jacob and his family.

  3. The best way I can explain it is it's like an angelcare monitor but it doesn't have to be in a crib. It has sensors that attach to the diaper (I think) instead of being a mat. I know she got it because he naps in his swing and other non-crib places a lot. Here's a link---


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