Wednesday, July 6, 2011

What a surprise...

I hate calling customer service lines. I hate the options to listen for/punch in, trying to understand the person (I inevitably get a bad connection) and everything else. To top it off---I get nervous trying to explain why I called and end up sounding like a fool as I stutter over myself. It doesn't matter if it is a simple request, question etc...the way I behave, you'd swear I was trying to pull a heist. 

We've been struggling with an insurance claim for LM---yes, since March. The hospital mistakenly filed the claim under his name even though he was still under my umbrella of insurance (and yes, it took multiple conversations to figure out the problem). There was a lot of back and forth between me and the insurance company & me and the hospital. I was starting to get worried I'd get stuck with the $4000+ bill because the hospital seemed clueless about it all!

BUT--for once, it was a great customer service experience on the insurance side. Every time I called An.them, the agent on the phone was helpful and *gasp* informative.  If they didn't know the answer, they didn't send me on to someone else with the inevitable long hold time...nope...they found the information themselves.  This last time, after realizing that the provider was going to have to write off some of the cost and the hospital was days away from taking out a hit on me, the customer service agent said that she would just put me on hold and call them herself to get it straightened out....and she did.  Bam! Just like that.

So for once, I had a great experience with customer service.  I honestly still can't believe they were that helpful..and made phone calls for me.  I know have extra time since LM is still napping and I didn't end up on the phone the whole nap as I imagined! And now TH will get off back about taking care of it :-)

It's almost enough to make me call a customer service line next time instead of looking for an email or online chat option.....almost.!


  1. wow, that is amazing, i usually find that i know more about our insurance than the customer service people!

  2. I get to fight my insurance company on Colson's behalf as well...just as soon as I send in their form that says I'm allowed to. Because, you know, my 3-month-old can TOTALLY handle his own claims, right? *head desk* I have not had much luck dealing with my company - lets hope my next call goes like yours!

  3. I was pretty much shocked could've heard a pin drop when she offered to call them herself. retrospect, I wonder how completely incompetent she must've thought I am!


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