Saturday, August 6, 2011

Five Months

LM is five months old--yesterday.

Wow! How did we get to this point so fast?

He is all smiles and giggles. He can roll from tummy to back. He love love loves his feet..sucking on his big toe. He can roll on his side from his back so back to front rolling is not far away!

He nurses at night and drinks formula during the day. He is still a big ole spitter!!!

He sleeps from around 8/830 to 730...waking once or twice a night to eat. In two days, when school starts, it will all change!! Who knows what the next month will bring?

Napping is the enemy at the moment--only 10-15 minutes at a stretch if he's not being held.

He loves his dog. His favorite game is "chase the dog". Mommy and Daddy carry him on his belly like an airplane and "chase" after the dog. He laughs SO hard...and it wears out the dog who runs like a fool! He is starting to understand his jumperoo--moving his hands and body towards what he wants. He still love his bouncy chair and playmat. He now doesn't always hate tummy time--especially with his good head control!

He's a big snuggler...loves getting/giving slobbery kisses. He's becoming a bit of a Daddy's boy--laughing and getting excited when he sees him. He loves following him with his eyes. He still loves to sleep on Mommy though.

He started daycare last week. He has a blast and loves everyone there! If only he would nap!

He eats a little bit of baby oatmeal every so often. He likes it but isn't really interested unless he's really hungry.

He pretty much rocks our world :-)

Looking ahead, our next goals/milestones are likely to be:
*Rolling back to tummy
*Sleeping in longer stretches--just getting up once a night, or not at all *gasp*
*Spitting up less (please oh please)
*Solid foods


  1. Happy 5 months, LM!!!! Can these boys please stop growing so fast?

    And don't you just love having a snuggler? I think that's my most favorite part of being a mom.

    Come LIKE me on FB! :)

  2. They are growing too fast!!!! Stop it!

    The snuggling does rock...he's got me wrapped around his little finger. All he needs to do is snuggle in, wrap his arms around my neck and burrow in and I'm mush!


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