Monday, August 8, 2011


Ick. It's early...and I've already been up since 515.

Today starts our first teacher contract day...though technically, I'm still not being paid from maternity leave extension (thank goodness for pro-rated paychecks!).

I feel like the walking dead. After five months of sleep deprivation, no one told me I would have to make coordinated movements--such as makeup--this early. I'm totally down with blearily nursing while surfing the smartphone at this hour...but looking like a human. Yikes.

The real question is...what is LM doing to do when he has to be "gotten up" soon? Will he be a morning person like TH? Or grouchily stay awake up he can fall back asleep like me?

Ugh. I wish we had more money...or less bills/loans/national debt.


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