Thursday, August 11, 2011

Like a dog

I awoke today feeling grouchy. Maybe it was because I'm 100% exhausted...this whole 515am thing is killing me. LM has been a sweet sweet baby this week and has only woken up once a night all night...and gone back down easily. Until last night---then it took 45 minutes...which isn't long...but it sure sure felt like it. And I have a headache...which means I probably need to drink more water...but that doesn't have caffeine :-)

Anyway--but then I went and let the dog out. He came back in and I tossed him his treat (the spoiled thing gets one everytime he poops OUTSIDE). I go back to sipping my re-heated yesterday coffee (yes, I needed some too soon to wait until the next pot brewed). I noticed that he was dancing around and playing, wiggling his tail at his treat. I wondered WTH dog, why aren't you just eating it and moving on.

And then I noticed that the treat I had given him was really two stuck together..and he was celebrating like he'd won some sort of dog lottery. And so--I'm going to get my attitude turned around and try to find be positive today (the second day of school always seems harder than the first) and find a little something to celebrate about...just like a dog.


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