Monday, August 22, 2011

Yummy in the Tummy

Last weekend, LM got baby food for the first time--squash. He didn't really like the oatmeal and we were looking to try and see if some purees would help settle his stomach and keep some of the formula down. He's been eyeing our food at the table for a couple of weeks now.

He has one of those high-chairs that sits on top of a regular chair and reclines/sits up to all sorts of angles so he's been sitting at the table with us at dinner for awhile and he loves being up there. So, last Sunday we decided to give him some. We went with squash because I'd heard that a lot of babies really love it (we also went organic which is another post for another day). And boy did he love it. He cracked himself smushing it around in his mouth. At first he made an awful face, but quickly realized he enjoyed it. He's so darn cute opening his mouth...when he tries to open it wide, he really just lifts his eyebrows up instead! He ate half the little jar in no time.

The plan is to do some puree at dinnertime so now that we're both at work again, we have a little special family time. When timed right, eating it immediately after he had a bottle really helped him not spit up!! Eventually, he can have something at daycare but for now, I'm keeping it as a special thing with us.

So anyway, we were rocking the squash and I was feeling good about it. So, we introduced a fruit. We figured he would love it--being that it was sweet and he had breastmilk for so long. But, LM looked at us like we were giving him something so nasty he couldn't comprehend why we would do such a thing! He warmed to tolerating it eventually---but he does not appear to be a fruit baby! Yet--I plan to try pears as soon as TH stops whining about how he doesn't like pears and no son of his..blah blah blah. Men are silly.

Surprisingly though (and maybe not to you all), the fruit did not help him keep his formula down any better--it just came up thicker and slightly different colored. Drat!

So we're on the baby food train now...I don't think we'll make our own because we're both okay with buying organic while he still is strictly on purees. I'm not 100% into/comfortable with baby-led weaning but I know that we'll probably not stay on purees for a huge stretch of time--especially once he gets teeth--and we'll do some sort of compromise/modified kind of eating. At least that's the plan...if I've learned's that LM likes to make his own plan!


  1. Good luck with the food! Just saying Hi from ICLW...

    Also, I have a GIVEAWAY on my blog... Please check it out if you are interested....

  2. Hi from ICLW!
    My husband and I have just started the adoption process but I confess that something I am really looking forward to is cooking up a storm when our little one starts on solids. I got totally suked into the baby food cook books at Barnes and Nobel the other week, I lost an hour! ha ha I am sur I won't have time to be the Suzy homemaker I envision, but a girl can dream!
    Hope that this continues to be a fun adventure for your little one.

  3. We are having a great time...a messy time but a great one. Thanks for stopping by!

  4. So, I had a question but since I have Wordpress I can't sign up for email updates with replies, so feel free to answer me on my blog or maybe in a future post lol.

    -Perhaps it is just the circle of friends I have, but you mentioned he was breastfed for a long time, but then it seems like he is no longer breastfed at 6 months which surprised me. I was just curious when you stopped and/or why? Most of my friend follow the World Health Organization standard of 2 years, but they are also stay at home moms :/ I only ask because maybe the reason he is spitting up is due to some kind of mild allergy to? (I'm not a doctor or anything, just remembering things my other mom-friends have gone through) I hope you guys find the answer to help him keep his food down! It's always interesting to see what food they like and which ones they don't :) I nannied for 3 years in college, and I was often surprised. Assuming they would like something they would totally hate, or thinking they would hate something that they end up loving. Enjoy the food adventure!

  5. Solids are so fun! My youngest is 5 months and we gave him squash first too. He wasn't too sure about it. I give him bananas with his cereal in the morning and he loves that!

    I decided to make my own baby food because it is so darn expensive! Especially the organic stuff. I buy frozen veggies, boil them and purée them in the food processor. Super easy! And not very time consuming. We are going to try sweet potatoes next.

    Good luck with the fruit! My hubby's doesn't want me to give our son peas because he hates them. Silly men :)

  6. @BleedingTulip

    I know that a lot of people exclusively breastfeed longer than I did. I think what I meant by how I phrased it was that he'd only tasted breastmilk for most of his life. I don't think I phrased it well. Here's a link to the post where I explain why we made the choice that we did.
    I hope that it helps answer your question. Also--we've experimented with food allergy stuff (different formulas/makeups etc) but he's always spit up a ton (I even went dairy less for awhile) so we think that's just who he is. Apparently TH and I were both big he never had a chance!! Please feel free to comment/ask more about this if you have more to say!


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