Friday, September 23, 2011

Dirty mouth? Clean it up with....

Orbit? Soap? Not really sure what we'll have to use with LM but it's looking like soap won't be an option. Last night while giving LM a bath, he used his lightning fast reflexes and grabbed a bath toy, shoving it in his mouth completely covered in soap lather. Now, please note, this is the child that no matter what yummy baby food we put in his mouth---he makes a wretched face. Clearly, every initial taste is like salt and vinegar potato chips dipped in jalapenos and sardines. At least judging by his face. Of course, after this initial bite, he happily nom-nom's down, laughing and cooing. All I'm saying is that he has no problem using a "WTF am I tasting?" face. Now, back to the soap.... Not a single iota of an expression crossed his face. He just gummed/gnawed on it like everything else he puts in his mouth these days. So apparently, soap isn't exactly a punishment to him. I'm flash-forwarding to the future when he's a sassy, grumpy teenage boy who asserts his independence by using dirty words. It looks like we won't be able to re-create the famous soap scene from The Christmas Story at our house. Oh no...not this boy. Apparently he has a taste for the suds. Sometime between now and then I'll have to come up with a good solution to the sassy mouth I know he'll have....if he's anything like me :-)

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  1. louise started eating the suds, i had to stop adding bubbles to her bath!


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