Sunday, September 18, 2011

By the Numbers

LM had his 6mo check-up this week-- He weighed in a healthy 18lbs 11oz and is now 27inches long. His head is 15 7/8 cm (still on the small side but slowly growing so no concerns). He got his last round of shots for awhile--including his flu shot. The pedi is a little concerned that his head tends to lean to the left. But, since he has the ability to turn his head both directions when he chooses and doesn't seem to be in any pain, she just wants us to massage both sides nightly and encourage him (through toy placement, body positioning etc) him to look/lean in the other direction. We're also going to try to spend more time on tummy time and assisted sitting to help him build more upper body strength in general (and hopefully encourage him to haul his chubby self from back to belly!). His cold/cough are also run of the mill--with none of the congestion in his chest. A rash that has developed appears to be eczema and is disappearing nicely with some hydrocortisone cream a couple times a day. Other than that--all systems were a go! He's happy, healthy and alert, so unless we run into her at the zoo again, we should be good until 9 months. On some other notes--we're going to start adding in another meal of solids--at daycare. I'm planning on sending fruits for her to do either at "breakfast" or "lunch" depending on what is easier in their schedule. I don't want her to fixate on it being a certain time of day/meal, as it's more important to me for him to still get his bottles in a timely manner and not be too full to eat/play/nap/exist well and happily. But--we'll probably hold off a couple more weeks so I can try a couple more fruits at home first to check for any reactions. He also does appear to be on the mend from his cold--his snotty nose and cough are still there but he's sleeping better so I believe he has to be feeling better. Happy Sunday everyone! Hopefully, all three of us (four if you count the dog) are decked out in our jerseys, watching the Browns get whooped on :-)


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