Saturday, September 3, 2011

Little pearly whites

Sunday, we were walking around at the zoo. We try to sneak off there on Sunday mornings every few weeks--arriving right as it's opening, when it's not crowded and still cool enough that the animals are active. We see a lot of cool things---I love living so close to it. However, this morning, LM was a little fussier than normal and I, in a fine show of my stellar mothering skills had left the pacifier in the car (TH wears him while we're there). So, I was letting him suck on my knuckle occasionally to keep him happy as we finished up. When what to my wondering knuckles did I feel? The tiny, pearly bumps of LM's first tooth! There was just a wee bit of tooth poking through (bottom middle right). But--it was so exciting! His gums have been hard and he's been a fussy drool factory for awhile now so we knew it was coming. I can't believe we're talking about this already! The week carried on...ok, it dragged on. Wednesday night turned from a rough day at work to a hellish night. Though he was in a good mood and went down to bed as normal around 8.......LM woke up at 1030, 1230, 145, 300 and 500. He was fussy fussy and could not be soothed by anything but nursing. My poor woeful supply (used to nursing once or twice during a middle of the night wakeup and then again as breakfast some days) was struggling to keep up. And so was I....I was SOOOOOOOOOOO tired. Suffice it to say, I was not a super fun teacher that day (despite my and Starbuck's best efforts). When I got home that afternoon, LM was in a super duper mood---laying on his playmat singing and laughing at TH. I laid down on the floor with him (and stayed awake!!!) and talked/played with him. It was then that I noticed something.....during the night--that long long night--he had cut a second tooth. Though it wasn't there at ALL Wednesday evening, by Thursday it had caught up to the one that came through Sunday. It was relieving to have a reason for the insanity of the night before--speed tooth cutting is an okay excuse. Let's just not repeat it anytime soon, k? LM now has a matching set of two little pearly white nubs front and center. He hates it when we try to look at them--tongue blocking us at every turn. But, when he shrieks and laughs, we can catch a glimpse. And BOY oh BOY can we feel them when he gets our fingers in his mouth--ouch! He turns six months on Monday. The rate of change just blows my mind! I'll have to start doing full body cavity checks daily to keep up with new changes ;-)


  1. EVERYBODY forgets the pacifier once in a while... yay for teeth!!

  2. Aw, hopefully one of these days you'll be able to catch a picture of his toothsome smile!


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