Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Six Months

LM is six months now (as of Labor Day). It's been a crazy week so far (aaaaand it's only Wednesday) but I must mark the occasion. The last six months have FLOWN by. I looked back at newborn pictures today and I can't imagine how tiny he was. At one point, he snuggled in one, he's a moose! I loved when he was a newborn. I could watch him sleep for hours. He was like this warm little hot water bottle that laid on my chest. Apparently, I've also forgotten about all of the "oh my god, I'm going to lose my mind" moments, pain, bodily fluids etc. He goes next week for his 6mo checkup/shots etc. I estimate he'll be between 18-20lbs...a long way from his 7lb 15oz birth weight. He can roll from his belly to his back....but hasn't figured out how to coordinate all his little muscles into hauling his chunky self from back to belly. But since he hates being on his belly for any stretch of time...make sense! He's figured out how to move himself in a circle by lifting his hips and doing little pelvis thrust wiggles to move his body. He likes to try to stand when we're holding him. He's loving little bird with his cute little wide open mouth. He eats part of a jar every night for "dinner" with us. He's taking about 30oz of formula a day plus nursing when he wakes up at night. Most nights (knock on wood, knock on wood...please oh please don't let me jinx it for me tonight) he goes down by eight and wakes up once between 2-4 to eat. We get him up (why oh why can't he sleep through a diaper change, poor little guy) at six to snuggle, sometimes nurse and head out to daycare. He loves, I'm still a little ambivalent about it all but he's happy, he smiles when he sees her and she loves to snuggle him. Most of the time he falls asleep after his bedtime bottle, but when sleepy and full, he can put himself to sleep. He still is a big cat napper but (especially at daycare) he's better at doing an hour morning nap and an hour-two hour pm nap. He watches little observant man. He's recently discovered a love of watching football on tv--craning his neck to see it. One time he flapped his arms whenever they caught the ball......maybe I will get to retire early when he's a pro :-) I can see him thinking. I love knowing that he's trying to figure things out when he's looking at them....looking at a light that's not on but usually is, gauging the distance between an object and his mouth and then hitting it exactly etc. I want him to be smart for so many reasons...but especially as a teacher, I don't want him to struggle. It hurts me to see kids struggle. He love love loves the dog. He opens his mouth for him to kiss/lick him whenever he can and is getting great at grabbing out and snagging him by the collar. We're practicing petting...he opens and closes his hand on his fur. He also loves his jumparoo and is beginning to appreciate the exersaucer. He still adores playing on his playmat and love his bouncy chair. Books...oh, be still my heart! He adores them. He loves to hold them and look at them. He turns pages with me. He eats them of course :-) His whole body wiggles and kicks when he sees favorite books. I love that he loves them. We're at two teeth...boy are they sharp for such little nubs. So far, teething seems to bother him most at night. He talks, screams, shrieks, sings and coos up a storm. I love having conversations with him. He pretty much rocks my world. I don't want the next six months to go this fast. Pretty soon, he won't be my little snugglebug anymore. He'll start moving and off he'll go.... I'm so glad I listened to all of the advice I got to not worry about letting him nap on me. I wouldn't trade those moments for anything.


  1. aw, what a sweetie, happy 6 months lm!!

  2. It does go by fast doesn't it?? I was just looking at some photos that we had taken of Bean when she was 6 months old and realized that happened almost a year ago. How is that possible???? He sounds amazing and I'm so glad that you're enjoying every second and not worrying about it. Soak up all the baby love that you can!!!


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