Saturday, October 1, 2011

My baby is a genius...

at least he better be.

I am a smart person...or I was anyway. This isn't me bragging--it's just who I am. I'm a dork and a bit of a nerd. I got upset with A-'s in school. I was disappointed with only getting a magna laude distinction on my undergrad degree and I worked my then much-smaller butt off in grad school to get a 4.0.

I'm not coordinated or good at sports. I'm not artistic or more than average talented at music (I play a couple instruments so-so). My brains are my "thing" and it's what I got going for me.

Or at least it was....until a small, adorable little monkey stole them from me. By my total lack of common sense lately, in combination with the memory loss and inability to retain the bizarre facts and trivia I used to be so fluent at, I can only assume that he stole most of my brain and will in fact become the smartest person in the world. Judging by my Words With Friends scores recently, he seems to be getting smarter by the minute. I suppose I don't mind having "mommy brain"--though it is complicating my work life, as sticky note reminders for each and every little thing cover my desk, room and sometimes person.

But, all I'm saying is that he better put his brains (both his own and what he stole from me) to good use and cure the common cold or something....or at least figure out how to roll himself from back to belly :-)


  1. Babies are zombies, didn't you know? They eat brains, grunt, and shuffle around!

    I noticed it during first tri - I was having a hard time remembering anything for more than 5 minutes. And it's still showing up - retention of information has been a hard thing. Considering this child was born with a 14" head, I'm definitely going on the assumption that he ATE MY BRAINS!

    Guess we'll all find out when they hit school, huh? :)

  2. I love it! It's so true though. Everyone tried to tell me that once Bean was born, pregnancy brain would go away, but I don't think I'm the same. I have to say though, she's a pretty smart little girl, so hopefully it was for a good cause!

  3. pregnancy brain just turns into baby brain, then toddler brain, kiddo brain, etc.


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