Sunday, November 13, 2011

Round of applause

This week LM learned how to clap!
It started with some patty cake....with lots of flailing and giggles at the adult caking away. Then, he started banging his little fists together with glee. However, about mid-week, the hands opened up and he started clapping away. At first, it was only when you were saying the patty cake rhymes but now he does it all the time!

He is an indiscriminate clapper--anything that makes him happy, excited, or giggly makes him clap. Sometimes he claps just because he wants to do something with his hands. But he claps...and I love love love it!

And, because my LM is a genius, I swear that today he clapped and yelled at the appropriate time during a football game.

Even though the rest of his physical development milestones are just preciously average...he's my clapping prodigy ;-)


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