Saturday, November 12, 2011

Weekly Musings

It's been a rough week, so I'll just post a few quick thoughts.

  • Full moon's are bad bad things and should only occur on the weekends.
  • Scaring your baby by having to lay him on the bathroom floor while you throw up and the noises/experience totally freaks him out really makes you feel worse than the stomach flu.
  • I miss my maternity clothes---I loved buying all new fall/winter clothes last year. My regular clothes suck. But I have no time to shop.
  • School is kicking my ever-growing a**....the kids are proving to be a greater challenge than I expected.
  • LM has decided to start struggling with the "going back to" part of the whole sleep thing. That used to be the part we're good at.
  • I developed willpower tonight and got LM a fun toolbench toy instead of a Sophie with some returned BRU money....even though I really really wanted the Sophie.
  • Speaking of teeth---I *think* we're really truly almost ready to cut more teeth....the drool started up and Teething tablets have been our friend.
  • Holiday family stress/arguments/obligations have started's like the decorations at starts earlier every year.
  • I'm excited for all of you with good baby appointments last week...yay no bad news!
I've got a book on my kindle calling my name (gotta love mindless chick lit spy novels for 2.99)...and since LM is out cold and TH is watching "our future QB" on tv (traitor....Manning will always be my man)....I may just get a little reading time in tonight!


  1. Cole has been having the "back to sleep" issue the past several weeks too. And the "I am going to wake up several times a night, which I haven't done in 4 months" thing. Also? the teething tablets are the bomb! We just discovered them yesterday and they are like night & day for this kid!!

    Sorry the week has been rough and you feel icky. Hopefully it will get better soon!!! (and my verification word is deditypn - dead I typing!)

  2. @Tigger
    What an ironic verification word! It's like blogger reads what we're writing about.

    I'm hoping the sleep issue is part of a growth spurt--he ate a lot more at daycare today than normal so maybe he's just hungrier at night than I thought and I need to give him formula right away instead of trying to get him back to sleep (we've been trying to break the night feeding habit since he's shown he can sleep without it).


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