Tuesday, December 13, 2011

My baby is old enough to been born again.

LM is 9 months old!!!!

Well....a week ago. (Ok...several weeks ago...that's how long ago I started this post).

So much has happened in the last month. But first we'll hit the nuts and bolts.

Food--he's still eating about 30-35oz of formula a day. With his recent growth/developmental spurt, he eats 1-2 jars of baby food a day. He usually eats 2x at daycare and then a little bit at "dinner" time with us. He eats puffs and Cheerios now and ADORES them. His pincher grasp has dramatically improved in the last week--even mushy banana pieces make it into his mouth now! Our pedi said we're good to go to transitioning to more food and lessening the bottles. For now, we'll drop the "dinnertime" bottle and feed a bigger meal (it was usually more of a snack). I'll also stop worrying so much when he leaves ounces behind or if a schedule/routine change has us drop a bottle.

Sleep--since he worked out the whole sleep/rolling thing and discovered he's a combo side/belly sleeper, we've been *gasp* basically sleeping through the night. I will pause as you all sob from relief that I will hopefully stop bothering you all with my rants about his lack of sleeping well. He'll still wake up in the middle of the night crying sometimes--he never totally wakes up and after popping a paci in, he's good. We've been struggling with naps since we've been on winter break and so going to bed has been a struggle but we've been trying to roll with it and let him stay up a little later since he's sleeping in later (yay no 615am baby wake-up!!). It feels like such a victory as I've basically had crappy sleep since last January when I started getting up to pee every 3 hours. Hopefully this will help with the total lack of brain function I've been experiencing and some of the nerve pain in my back (another post)

Body/Brain--When we last left LM, he was rolling rolling rolling. He's been enjoying whipping himself around rooms by rolling. He's learned how to lift/lean his head to steer himself. He adores rolling at the Christmas tree but has been since thwarted by the ottoman blocking it. Just the other day he suddenly just sat up on his own. He's been sitting for while but BAM up he went. Within 48 hours, it was a highly polished skill. He loves sitting up in his crib and looking around. He's not crawling yet--but he is doing push-ups that resemble the awkward things I used to do in middle school gym (envision shaky arms and butt high in the air). He wants to pull up and tries...but doesn't quite get how to do it. I think that by the time I'm back at work (boo!!!) at the start of January, he'll be either crawling or scooting. The one year olds at his daycare are both recently walking so I think once he's back around them he'll be pushing himself. We have two new teeth (like within the last week new). My baby is officially a vampire with his cute little fangs. I guess I must shift my allegiance from Team Edward to Team LM. He's been working on his top four teeth since August so it's such a relief that some have popped through. Now, all he wants for Christmas is his two front teeth :-)

He's babbling up a storm--mama, dada, ca, ga, bah. Nothing with a lot of intention but I think the dog's name will be first as it has both b's and c's. He reaches for what and who he wants now. His opinions are shared--he'll shriek with pleasure or anger if his needs are meant. I'm not sure who he got this temper from (*glances guiltily around*)...we'll blame TH.  He loves music and claps when he hears it....as well as claps when he is happy or proud of himself. Books are still his thing---he adores them and I adore that he does.

He changes so much day to day---I'm so glad that winter break fell when it did. I'm having major mommy guilt about going back to work already...sigh. Maybe a mystery rich relative will die and as they secretly always found me to be the daughter they never had...leave me their millions. But--I should probably work on report cards and curriculum maps just in case.

Stats from 9mo appt--
21lb 10oz
29in long

Crazy LM! I love him so.


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