Friday, December 23, 2011

Rightly Wrong

I live my life by routines--I like them, my kindergarteners need them and heck, even my dog likes being able to predict what will happen next (he's quite apt at "making predictions"). However, with 3/4 of year of being a mother under my belt---I wish I had realized the point of this article earlier. We do/did/plan to do a lot based off LM setting his own schedule---but the guilt/panic of realizing in the long run that we let him take the hard route is rough. Having to answer the question "Is he sleeping through the night yet?" with "No" and then watching the disapproving/confused/pitying makes you question whether you're doing the "right" thing. I need to realize there is no "right" thing and just roll with it better. There aren't a bunch of insomniac, pacifier addicted, rolling adults running around.
Check out this great article!
Where was this 9 months ago?

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  1. Cole decided to sleep through the night most suddenly. He then proceeded to nap roughly on schedule - but it wasn't anything WE did, it was HIM. As he's getting older, the schedule is changing, and it's hard to keep up. He refuses to nap when at home anywhere except in his swing. If we're out and he's tired, he'll fall asleep in the car. Both places require a bottle. It used to be nap for 2 hours, be awake for 2 hours, nap for 2... and now it's awake for 2-3 1/2 hours, nap for 1-2 hours...or sometimes 5-15 minutes. Sometimes he's tired and REFUSES to sleep, and I have to fight him for 2 hours.

    I...haven't worried all that much. I know his cues, I know how to get him to sleep, and that works. I have to break him completely of the bottle in the next 4 months because of an upcoming surgery, and I am SO not looking forward to the wean time.

    I think that kids are kids, and as long as we can read their signs, so be it. Granted I think there were things we did to HELP him, but I can't guarantee it and I can only suggest.


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