Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Ten Months

LM is 10 months old!! I don't get where the time goes...we started talking about what to do for his first birthday party. It is either a testament to how cool my husband is or how bad he thinks my cooking is--but he suggested catering in Qdoba since we have so much (picky) family. I'm thinking about doing a The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme (more on that later).

Stats (right before Christmas at pedi)--
Weight--21lbs 10oz
Height--29 3/4

New Things--
He started army crawling this week---and he crawled a few "steps"? today. He's SUPER close to crawling but still prefers rolling or army'ing to get places faster.

He's started exploring more parts of the house. Today he maneuvered himself under the jumperoo and played with the toys hanging off of it and pushing the bouncy part up with his feet. It's so much fun watching him look at things from a new perspective.

He waves hi and bye. Well....he does that and then again, he always waves at his toys, the dog, the car...he just loves loves loves to wave. The one consistent wave he does is waving "night night" to Daddy at bedtime. Then, he gets excited and claps for himself. So cute.

The personality that is emerging at this point is so amazing. I love watching him think and process and then try something new.

He cut his fangs right before Christmas and I think/hope/need desperately for his top teeth to come through soon. He's not sleeping well right now--waking up to eat again, as well as several other crying fits. The brief hiatus of waking up that we had totally messed with my head and now I feel ever more impacted when he wakes up. I'm hoping it's a growth/developmental/teething thing and it'll pass soon.

He's slowly eating more table foods--he had his first grilled cheese today, along with some veggie soup veggies. I need to focus on keeping up his food intake as I think it helps him sleep better at night. It's just hard during the weekend because we don't get up as early so he ends up dropping a bottle. I'm hoping that as his gag reflex gets better, he'll be able to explore more foods and eat more.

He changes so much from month to month...it's so hard to keep up in the changes. I can't believe a year has almost passed. For Christmas, we gave the grandparents a photo book that had our favorite photos chronologically--seeing him change so much nearly brought me to tears.

I wonder what next month will bring.


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