Tuesday, March 13, 2012

And we have a pumpkin seed!

The u/s showed a strong heartbeat (180+) and a little gummy bear of a baby---complete with arm and leg buds!

The dates show it about 4 days behind my LMP but as I've always been a late O'er, I'm not surprised. But, LM was the same way with dates and was born the day before his EDD based off LMP, so we stick with that....Oct. 13th!

So...introducing out little pumpkin seen.

It's amazing how the technology has changed in a year and a half :-)

Thanks for all your thoughts and prayers.....they were a big help.

I'm so relieved.


  1. I just got caught up - I am SO excited for you! Glad to see that everything is going well, and that you do indeed have a seed. :)

    The fear, I swear it, is normal. I was terrified the entire first trimester with Cole, and he was my first (and will be the last). Every time something changed and I didn't feel the way I had a few hours ago, I was convinced something was wrong. I'm not convinced that subsequent babies are any easier. Just know that it's normal and okay, and that you'll make it all work somehow!

  2. Oh I'm so glad to hear the news. Congratulations!!! Hope you're able to relax a bit now.

  3. wow, did they do a 3-d ultrasound already? that's awesome! baby looks really cute already!


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