Sunday, April 22, 2012

Here, mostly.

Sorry for being so MIA.

LM is still not sleeping well at night....our best night in the last two weeks was him only waking up 2x. Well...last night he sttn but that has been the crazy fluke---and he didn't get an afternoon nap. I'm not sure what made it happen, but he slept 12 hours through. I'm hoping that it doesn't have to do with sleeping in until 830 the morning before...because we've got five more weeks of work before that can happen on a regular basis. And by then, I may have to be committed. The ever-so-anticipated 2nd tri energy boost has yet to arrive....I'm 15wk+1....surely it will get here soon! So, in the long-winded manner in which I arrived here, I've been exhausted and crashing to bed right after LM so I've been spending very little special time with my laptop. I've been keeping up with all of you on google reader...but it SUCKS to comment on. Unless there's a special way I haven't figured out besides opening each blog in the browser.  So, I'm here...and I'm keeping up with you :-) I promise.

Things are about the same here...LM is oh so close to walking (sleep regression?). He loves to monkey crawl to where he's going and stop a few feet short, stand up and wobble a few steps to his destination. He's strung together about 5 steps before toppling over. He's got the drive--just not the balance! He's got two new teeth (front, bottoms) and has been imitating a lot of words. He'll say "ot" (hot) and "dngr" (danger) while climbing the stove, he says "doki" (doggie) and crawls to his high chair when he wants to eat. He's also started crawling over to the kitchen cabinets where his bottles are kept and banging/crying when he wants his bedtime bottle. We've dropped his bottles down to 2 5oz'ers (one right before the am nap and bedtime). He did unexpectedly well at dropping the post-lunchtime bottle this past week so I'm hoping the early one goes well too. I'm just hesitant about dropping it as he doesn't really eat much for breakfast---mostly fruit and cheerios. Sometimes he'll do a thing of yogurt but overall, he's not much in to protein for breakfast---a few bites of eggs etc before refusing. So, I'm not sure if it's good to drop it yet. Any experiences with this? He's still hitting/biting etc for no real reason...and of course everything I read talks about what to do when they're doing it out of frustration (either because they don't get their way or can't express themselves) and that doesn't seem to be our case. He's really big on our reactions right now to LOTS of things but it's hard to just ignore things like hitting to get them to stop. All these things aside though...he's still this amazing little creature who amazes me daily with his actions---you should see him rolling a ball with his feet/hands up in the air--all the balance of a seal, my boy!! He's recently discovered his fine motor abilities and is rocking his gear toys and trying out a couple of puzzles.

Pumpkin Seed is still with us and growing well (well...based off my growing bump!). At my Ob appt this week, there was a strong heartbeat (quickly found too...phew!) and my blood pressure was good. I've lost pound...even though I'm eating like crazy. But, I tend to have this little person who likes to eat off my plate so perhaps my portions aren't what I think they are. That and running after him and a class of children may be having me burn more calories than expected. Either way--she told me to eat more....yes ma'am!! I went in to the appointment ready to beg for a 20wk u/s appointment for the "big" u/s since my next two appts. are 18wks and 22wks. Since I'll be out of town on vacation (oh please go better than last years) during week 22, I really was hoping she'd let me come in earlier (around 20wks) so I didn't have to wait until 23wks. But--because she rocks, as soon as she looked at the calendar (ok...I assume she looked at the calendar. It's all on her laptop but I imagine it was a calendar), she said ooh next appointment is u/s time! Yay!!! I'm super excited for getting to find out what we're having in just 4weeks!!!! I really thought I'd end up waiting until the end of May or worse, June. Though I haven't really given it too much thought yet--I need to research some more old wives tales in my ample free time to see how things are going compared to LM's---I'm going boy. This pregnancy has just seemed really really similar to LM's, except for a couple of things. But--that's another post :-)

That's all for now....I've got 5weeks left of school (the kiddos and I are both ready for summer vacation) and a ton to do. So, I better go get going while LM is napping.

Thanks for still reading!


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