Saturday, July 14, 2012


So I apologize for disappearing for awhile...we had an unfortunate incident with trying to switch our high speed internet and (though they swore it would be a seamless transition), we ended up internet-less for NINE days!!!! It was a wholly frustrating situation---with me calling technical support daily and wrangling/arguing/cajoling/subtly threatening customer service agents, tier 2 folks and finally supervisors. There were "problems" with our lines somewhere outside the house but no one seemed to be able to tell me why/what the problem was.....not the best situation with my hormones OUT.OF.CONTROL. But, finally, I got high enough up that I got someone to send out someone with a brain and got nearly a whole month's bill refunded.  AHHHH internet, I missed you.

Things have been pretty busy despite that---we visited family for the 4th of July (melted melted melted in the heat a parade) and have been busy with appt's etc.

Friday the 13th reared it's ugly head yesterday...I received a call saying I had failed my 1hr glucose test. I came back borderline (with a 131 at a 135 cutoff) so they're having me do the 3hr anyway. Not sure why really? Perhaps it was the slight mental breakdown I had at the appointment about how I swear I'm not big enough and she's not going to have enough room and come out with a crooked neck too (not even likely according to my OB). At the time, it earned me a u/s in two weeks at my next visit. But, I've also only gained around 17/18 lbs...coming in inconsistent bursts so perhaps that's what it is. I passed last time so I wasn't expecting it this time. I'm not looking forward to fasting for 12 hours and then sitting for 3hrs.

Especially next week---when we have LM's Pediatric Ophthalmology appt Monday morning, I have a work prof devel Tuesday morning, now the 3hr test Wednesday morning with LM's PT appt Wednesday afternoon and FINALLY a meeting with our personnel department to discuss our maternity/paternity leave on Thursday morning. It's shaping up to be a crazy week.

I'm looking forward to the PO and PT appts. I'm hoping that LM's eyes check out fine--it would be nice to eliminate it as a cause of the torticollis.  At our PT eval 3 weeks ago, we were given some exercises to work on and told that it seems like a really mild case that hopefully would clear up fairly easily. His neck was pretty straight the next week or so, so we were feeling hopeful. But--now his head is leaning to the left...and though TH swears it was that side before, I know it was leaning to the right. So, no idea. He is cutting 7 teeth right now and I've heard that the pressure can make it worse...but switch??

Anyway---the 13th--was capped off with getting a call that LM was throwing up at daycare yesterday (while we were out running errands etc). He spent the rest of the pm sleeping wrapped up in a towel on the floor, waking up only to throw up and then sleep some more.  Finally, around 7pm, he woke up, threw up, snuggled into my lap and said "all done all done" and hasn't thrown up since. We've gotten some fluids and crackers into him so hopefully we've turned the corner. He was Captain Fussy this morning so hopefully he'll feel better after the nap he's taking now...I think we'll try some soup for lunch.

So...that's where we are in all of the big things. We've got two more full weeks of summer vacation left....then back to the grind. Though, one of those weeks I'll need to be working in my room. Ugh. Where did the summer go??

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  1. Any time you fail the 1-hour, they give you the 3-hour. Sometimes an hour simply isn't enough, and you didn't fail by much. I failed my 1-hour, passed my 3-hour easily, and I HAVE blood sugar issues.


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