Tuesday, August 21, 2012

A Hungry Letter

Dear TH's Friends:
I've got no problem with you all going out after work to have a couple drinks---I'm a teacher too, I know how hard the week is. In fact, it's because I like most of you that I forgave TH for being a bit antsy/cranky for the fact that I got home later than expected from my hair appt (Every eight weeks I go do something for myself and he gets cranky because he's "behind"..men!).

BUT--when you all decide to all leave at the same time, quicker than normal and I don't get my Tuesday Tacos because they don't do them to-go and since the checks were done, TH couldn't order it as a "meal"....well, then. That's just a plain ole declaration of war to a pregnant woman.

Please do not do it again---I'm pretty sure I can use hormones and tacos as a defense in court.


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