Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Home Again, Home Again

Today is Day 2 of my maternity leave (the two weeks prior to EDD that my OB wanted me to take in case I go all super swollen, sponge.bob-square-feet again. Yesterday I was super productive--ran errands, did laundry, hung up LM's clothes for the next size up, cleaned up the kitchen etc.

Today...well...its rainy and I'm sleepy so I've done a little here and there around the house. It's going to be hard to not fall into a pattern of laziness. I'm feeling ok...PS is all up in my rib cage so I only feel comfortable in certain positions. Maybe she'll be long since she's apparently super low and dropped too. I've been battling swelling when I eat anything with a slightly more than normal amount of sodium. Friday we did Chinese food for a farewell lunch at work and then we went to my SIL's house for tacos that night...I could feel my ankles all tight and swollen with even a little movement. So, I'm trying to be careful.

LM is still in the dark about what's happening. He can tell you where "the baby " is--he pats my stomach and he says "baby" when he sees the infant carseat next to his (two carseats squished in my backseat...talk about an overwhelming moment!!). But--cute little thing has no clue. He's been super snuggles lately but I'm not sure if that's because he's just in the mood for that or if he senses something. I'm more nervous about him being away from us for two days (my mom is staying at our house with him) than I am about the whole giving birth again thing. I'll miss him so much and I'd hate for him to be off his routine and out of sorts, only to have us add to the mix when we come home. Anyone have any baby transition tips???

I have a doctor's appointment tomorrow...it'll be interesting to see how things are progressing. I was up to 2cm last week. That's where I hung around with LM until my water broke at 3cm (hit 2cm about the same time). I'm anxious to get things going but I also want to wait as long as possible.

That's about all here...the exciting stuff happens in the next couple of weeks I suppose.


  1. how far along are you now? when i was pregnant with louise she decided to be head down and extremely low for about the last three months of my pregnancy, it gave me hemorrhoids and made my lady bits so swollen that the nurses always thought i was having an allergic reaction to latex, i told them every time, nope, that's just swelling from all the pressure, they never believed me. anyway, i'm glad you didn't have to deal with all that.
    i have heard so many people say exactly what you are saying about lm, that you're worried about being away from him for two days and also about no being able to spend as much one on one time with him, but it will all work out, it always does. wish i could give you more advice on that front but louise is an only child.
    well, good luck! i'll be thinking about you, hope that little girl comes soon, but not too soon :)

  2. @kateryI'm 38w3days so we're super close. Luckily, her being so low hasn't resulted in as bad of problems as you had it but there have been a lot more sensations/twinges/holy craps feelings.

    Hopefully, I get good info tomorrow! I'm hoping for a membrane sweep.

  3. yeah, louise was super low for like, three months, i think that's why i had those issues, because it was such a long time. membrane sweep, ugh, those always sounded so awful to me! louise was 2 1/2 weeks early, so thankfully i never had to endure one! with her being so low the cervix checks alone were excruciating enough!


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