Wednesday, October 3, 2012

On being pregnant with a girl vs a boy

I've been debating writing this post for some time. Obviously, my experiences may just be my own and not be able to translate into anyone else's. But, these are the kinds of things that I looked for when I was "comparing" pregnancy symptoms waiting to find out what we were having. So--here is what I've noticed this time around.

  • Morning Sickness
    • This was pretty much the same for both pregnancies--I was nauseated with both but threw up only a handful of times (less than 10) with boy and only 1-2x time girl.
    • It started around the same time (six weeks) and ended around the same (12w)
  • Linea Nigra
    • I had the classic boy vertical line, nice and dark with LM. But, nothing this time around.
  • Bump
    • I started showing earlier (as to be expected with number 2) with girl but my bump is much more straight out than last time.  With LM, it was a bit wider and lower. It wasn't until waay late (7months+) that it looked very straight out girl. Though, I tend to be all belly anyway.
  • Movement
    • I felt both around 18-20weeks.
    • She is MUCH more active at this point in the pregnancy than LM was. It may be a size difference (he was out of room by the point super official medical terms). 
    • Both were strong movers but I still see her movements much more--but I had anterior placenta with boy.
  • Skin
    • The old wives tale about girls causing more acne was totally true in this case. With LM I only had a few breakouts which seemed to correspond to fetal growth spurts. With PS--I broke out early and often. It was my first real "girl" clue.
    • Though broken out, my skin has been much less dry/flaky with girl (may be a seasonal difference though). My nose has been less dry too.
  • Hair
    • Both times, my hair has grown super slow (the hair on my head that is). With girl, the hair that frames my face actually started growing in a different color (natural highlights?). It was obvious because I don't highlight my hair while preggo.
    • Leg/body hair grew much slower with boy than girl. I'm still having to shave regularly...well...not that I can reach much but I "need" to shave regularly.
  • S.ex Drive
    • High 2nd trimester with boy
    • High 3rd trimester with girl
    • None 1st with either ;-)
  • Energy
    • The 1st tri energy void was present with both but with girl I didn't ever get the 2nd tri energy burst...but it might have been chasing a toddler around!
  • Weight gain
    • Weight gain total (or where I'm at now) has been similar--I've about 7lbs less right now than with boy but I've also had different cravings and move much more chasing him around.
    • Weight gain was more gradual with boy, took until almost 25 weeks to pickup with girl.
  • Swelling
    • BAD swelling near end with boy. So far, so good with girl. My OB says you swell less with the second.
  • Pain etc
    • Cervical twitches have been much more prominent with girl.
    • Back pain started early (20w) and has been a lot worse with girl
    • I had more nerve pain/leg pain with boy.
  • Cravings
    • Boy: milkshakes, pineapple, fried food, comfort foods--stuffing, mashed potatoes etc
    • Girl: fruit, chocolate, lemonade, ice cream

Not sure if this will actually help anyone...but at least I've got it out there for you! If I forgot any categories..lemme know!


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