Monday, November 5, 2012

How we're faring

Sorry that it's been so long since I updated last (though, the birth story really doesn't count as an update I suppose).  Things are chugging along here...every day seems like a bit of a blur but I suppose when you operate your day in 2-4 hour chunks, time probably passes in a different way than you expect.

I have found that I obviously blocked out the first few weeks of LM's life...or maybe the fog of sleep deprivation made it disappear instead! Every day is a series of steps...feed, diaper, attempt to get her to nap, repeat etc...squeezing in an occasional shower.  She is a fairly good sleeper--napping about 2-3 hours at a time when she naps.  With the exception of a few nights, she sleeps about the same at night, though usually closer to 2 hours a time. We were lucky enough last night to get a five hour stretch....I was so awake after feeding her that I didn't know what to do! No worries though...I went back to sleep :-)  She oscillates between eating like she's in a race and snacking/snoozing her way through a feed--though, unless it happens to be one of the rare times she eats slow and steady for 15min+, she seems to sleep the same regardless.

She joins her brother in the Spit-Up Club. I had hoped we wouldn't have a repeat of this and the sour smelling, wet clothes (both mine and hers!), the piles of soaked burp clothes and fear of projectile spit-up down visitor's cleavage (totally happened!).  But--she started even earlier! I haven't started eliminating things from my diet to see if it helps--it never did with LM and my eating/drinking has been so inconsistent in subject matter, I'm not seeing any correlations.  We'll see how she's doing at her 1 month appt next week and maybe reassess after that.

The biggest issue (and I'll touch more on it later in a future post) is temperament. Whereas LM cried when he needed something and then was done...PS just cries. She cries when she wakes up (silent to 60mph, full force), she cries in the evening, she cries when she's hungry, when she burps or spits up a lot, she cries if we stop bouncing her...she just cries. Now this isn't to say that she isn't ever happy...we're developing more and more alert time..she's just so much more high maintenance than LM. It's my fault mostly because while pregnant, I just kept telling myself that I just needed her to be a better sleeper than LM--that I just couldn't go 15mo until she I know you need to be more specific when speaking to babies in utero.  It's basically been really hard to adjust to her constant need to be soothed. Really hard.

Helping LM adjust has been hard too.  For the most part, he's still getting lots of attention (TH is still on paternity leave) from both of us. He's learned to take TH  a book to read instead of just assuming that I can do it. Before, he never wanted him to read to ALWAYS had to be me. So, it's nice they can share in it too. But, he's starting getting really upset at bedtime...crying and throwing fits instead of reading and laying right now (it makes me cry too). He's also started biting again at daycare (he's been going a couple days a week). Just little things that are starting to add up...and keep me up at night (haha, I get the irony of that statement).

PS is I'm done here for now.


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