Tuesday, November 27, 2012

In the Napping House...

where everyone is sleeping. Except me---I'm like the flea :-)

TH went back to work yesterday. I'm beyond lucky that he's been able to take a full six weeks off with both babies.  It's made survival possible. It's also helped us bond as a family....that and been a pair of hands to grab Little Monkey before he tries to clobber PS.  He told me the other day that he'd been talking to a co-worker at a party who was about to have a baby. Her husband didn't want to "miss much work" so he was only taking off a week (though he works where we do and could do six weeks if he wanted). TH told her that he'd never make a different choice because they grow so quickly and you don't get this time back......melt.

However, now we're back to a bit of reality. It's hard with the two of them on my own.  I'm having to do things to keep LM busy while I'm feeding her that I didn't "want" to do---tv shows, YouTube etc.  Granted, we're keeping it low key...Elmo and Daniel Tiger's Neighborhood (love the nostalgia factor) but still, it's not what I wanted to do. Up until now, we've been books and playing together.  I think that a lot of his imagination and vast (if I say so myself) vocabulary come from this. But--I suppose that's what parenting is...doing all the things you said you wouldn't in order to survive.

Today went well but it's exhausting to be "on it" all the time.  When I was home with LM at this age, we'd lounge around on the playmat--exploring and talking--while I jumped up for coffee etc when I needed to.  I can't put PS down where LM can reach her for fear he'll be loving/hugging/kissing on her and then go all smacky/grabby to her face (nobody wants the baby who looks like a UFC fighter).  LM and I had all sorts of fun adult tv on in the background while we snuggled and sang....and now, I keep it off or LM starts asking for "Grandma Tiger" (Daniel Tiger)....can you tell he loves it? :-) And his one episode a day goes by quickly!

I'm enjoying the peace and quiet of right now....somehow they managed to end up sleeping at the same time. And I got a chance to finish the coffee I started at 9am and go to the restroom.  But, soon one or the other (or both) will be up and we'll be off again at full speed.  I miss TH...for his corralling skills but also because I know he's missing out. PS is starting to smile (granted not at me or anyone who cares for her basic needs...but the floor decals on the wall above her changing table) and LM can sing the ABC song....they're growing so fast. My time with them will be over soon and I'll be the one back to work...missing it all. So I'll try to remind myself to be happy about the awake moments we have together.

But for now....I'll cherish the peace and quiet :-)


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