Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Burping=my life

If I thought LM was hard to burp, man PS takes it to a whole new level. She's like the Ft. Knox of burps. I get a good burp maybe one out of every three times we burp her...which is super good for her spitting up. Did I tell you she's on reflux meds now? I'll get into it more another time.

The difficulty to do something as simple as burping a baby seems to be a projection of my life right now. It seems so much harder this time around. Being a mom is supposed to be harder when you're clueless and fumbly.

But this time, everything is harder--spitting up, breastfeeding, keeping diapers from blowing out, managing being a wife, hygiene in general etc. I trying to manage my goody two shoes side--the one that is used to tasks and skills coming easily and the same one that gets crazy insecure when something is hard. I know being a mom isn't supposed to be easy and it's supposed to challenge you. But, when the simple things elude you, it makes you question whether you were cut out for it all.

I'm sure these feelings pass. I'm sure that with LM it was all still such a blur right now that it never would've occurred to me to focus on what was hard...because its all hard. It's just one of those things I guess.

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  1. oh man, louise had reflux too, by the time she was seven months i was OVER IT. do they have ps on zantac? that's what louise took at first but they switched her to prevacid odt which we found was better because liquid zantac has a very strong mint flavor which can be a little burn-y and the prevacid odt's have a mild fruit flavor. the prevacid is in tablet form, but the are orally disintegrating tablets, we would put them in a syringe with a little water, wait until they dissolved and give them to her that way.


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