Sunday, November 11, 2012

One month today (already!)

PS today you are one month old. I can't believe that we are already at a "milestone".  The last month has flown by.  It seems like just yesterday we were headed to the hospital to have you.

You cry...a lot. And so do I. But, we're learning how to move along through the day.

You like to eat, though you're learning how to stretch it out (at least at night) from the near constant feedings you did at the beginning. During the day you eat every 2-3 hours (unless you are taking a monster nap) and usually start off the night with a good 3-4 hour stretch followed up with 2-3 hours again.  You're not committed to a long either eat fast and furious or snack a bit and fall asleep. But, you appear to be growing (or I'm just shrinking your newborn sized clothes from all of the washings) so it's all good :-)

You are trying to life your head up and move it side to side. We'll start more tummy time soon but you are already trying to move your body. You like to pull your arms/upper body so you roll on your side a bit--you love sleeping that way but only get to when we're watching closely. I wish I could trust that you'd be safe that way and not roll onto your face...because I'm sure that you'd sleep better that way!

You're starting to have longer alert stretches where you stare at us like we're a weird marvel. You like looking at the flowers/butterflies on the wall above your changing table and the mirror on your swing mobile. I'm not sure how much you actually see of everything, but you're starting to like looking. Sometimes these alert stretches keep you up from taking a nap at the right time and you get overtired, becoming our Princess Fussypants. We're working on how to figure out this nap thing...since we didn't quite get it right the first time around!!

You have a temper and let it be known when you're not happy. It's a new experience and a harder one than I expected. We thought that since we "knew" what we were doing this time, it would be "easier".  Haha! We hope the crying thing dies down soon.

You have baby acne to put all other babies to shame. We're hoping it's not an indicator of your teenage years! You also spit up enough to put your brother to shame...and he was pretty darn impressive.  We're hoping that you'll outgrow it sooner since you seem to have better neck/body control than he did. Here's hoping!!

You are, however, amazing. You're tiny and delicate. You have a beautiful little half smile and giggle that show up in your sleep. You look just like your brother did at this age...and when you wear his hand me down jammies, it's deja vu. You love snuggling up to your daddy and are big into burrowing close to us to sleep. This makes it hard to put you down...but I miss when your brother used to do this so I'm not rushing anything.

You've changed so much in the last month. I promise to do a better job of taking your picture and video-ing you this "second child" syndrome for you. I can't wait to see who you'll be in another month.

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  1. i wish that having one meant we'd be prepared for another, but that is so not the case, they're all totally different! just so you know, we did everything wrong. louise didn't care for tummy time, so i didn't torture her with it, miraculously, her neck muscles developed just fine. we let her sleep in her swing at all times for the first two or three months, everyone told us this was absolutely forbidden and we'd regret it because the transition to her crib would be a nightmare, but when we decided it was time, she didn't even bat an eyelash, she continued on with her regular old sleeping habits. we let her sleep on her stomach. we'd heard the risks, of course, but louise was a sleepy time mover and shaker, she hit every inch of her crib during the nocturnal hours, she rolled onto her side, she laid on her stomach, she basically did whatever the heck she wanted, we all slept great and no one died. i guess, yeah, everyone says babies should never... EVER sleep on their stomachs because there's a chance they could suffocate, but there's also a chance that my umbrella could act as a conductor during an electrical storm and cause severe damage to my neurological system. like i said, we did everything wrong, but we're not competing in the best parents in america olympics or anything, so we're really not too concerned about it. instead of focusing on being prefect, we focus on each other and our relationships and we've found that this can lead to moments that might very well be perfect, and let's face it, having prefect moments together is much better than actually being perfect. so, to make a long story even longer, here's some unsolicited advice you probably already know: you don't have to be perfect to be perfect parents. just remember, if ps doesn't have the exact recommended amount of tummy time each and everyday, she'll be ok. if she rolls on to her tummy in her sleep now and again, chances are, she's not going to suffocate. you've done an amazing job raising one happy, healthy and well-adjusted child thus far, i'm 100% certain you're going to have the same success with number two. you guys are already rocking it (i mean, are both your kids alive? then you're doing your job)!!!


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