Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Slogging along

I could start off by apologizing that I'm not posting more...but, let's be real--I haven't been able to post regularly for a long time and based off my stats/comments, this has mostly just become a place for me to write to me and a record for LM and PS's milestones.

Things are carrying along here. PS was four months old yesterday---I have no idea where the time went. She is a cooing, talking, singing baby now--amazing what not having a hurting tummy will do for a disposition.  She "sings" along with LM in the car in the mornings when he's singing to his music---it's SO cute. She smiles when she sees one of us--this big gummy, open-mouthed smile like LM used to do. She has a temper still and wants what she wants RIGHT NOW.  She is better at tummy time and will stay on her belly for 10 minutes or so if she wants to and is amused sufficiently (i.e. can see past the educationally appropriate toys I have surrounded her with and see the tv).  She loves loves loves her hands and sucks on them all day long. She still takes a paci to get calm quickly but I think she's learning slowly to self-soothe with her hands. She's close to rolling back to belly--she easily rolls to her side. She has decided that's how she likes to sleep at night too---makes me nervous! She drinks about 30oz of Nutramigen a day---it's adding up quickly! We're appealing Anthem's decision to not cover it---they said it wasn't medically necessary for her to have...despite their own guidelines stating that milk protein allergies should be.  Hmm...frustrating to say the least. We pay SO much for them to be willing to do so little. But, we're appealing with the help of the pedi's office. She takes her last bottle around 730/8 and usually sleeps until 12-130, then up again around 4-5.  Some nights she only wakes up once but I've yet to figure out what makes the difference. But, it is what it is.  I haven't slept well since late 2010 (the uncomfortable part of LM's pregnancy) since just as he started sleeping well, I was pregnant with PS.

It's time to wake them up and get the day going more so I should probably update about LM later.
Off we go.


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